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Job Placement at Regional and Major

Hey Everyone,

My name is Justin and I’ve been apart of the forum for a couple months now and a little background about myself, I’m 24 and about to finish my bachelors degree from Florida State. I’ve been looking at ATP for about a year now, and got the inspiration and drive to become a pilot from my brother-in-law who is currently a Captain for PSA. I’ve flown in a plane but have never actually been in control, but I’m doing a discovery flight with ATP once I graduate from FSU in August, and if that goes well I plan on pursuing a career as a pilot with the 40 Hr option that ATP offers.

A majority of my questions and concerns have already been answered thanks this forum. But I was curious, when being hired by a Regional or Major airline do you get a choice of where you might be based at when first starting out? I know when being a CFI for ATP you can have up to 3 choices, and was wondering if the airlines did the same thing, or if they just stick you where they need pilots, and later on as you gain seniority having the option to change bases?


Hi Justin,

You basically summed it up correctly at the end of your post. When you’re hired you will go where the airline needs you and hopefully that’s where you want to be. If it isn’t (as with EVERYTHING at the airlines) once you gain seniority you’ll be able to get better schedules, choice of airplane and of course get the base you want.


Thanks Adam, had to figure that would be the case. But it’s always good to ask questions. This forum has really helped me out a lot, and you guys are pretty awesome for managing it in your spare time.