June 2016 Sched

I’m on Reserve for June and probably will be for the foreseeable future. Today’s the 17th and I’ve only flown 1 trip to LAS. I could hold a regular line BUT at my seniority (which is fairly low on the ScareBus) I’d only be getting LAS (Vegas) redeyes which I’m not fond of. That said I’ve graciously agreed to “crew” in the sim for the rest of the month which means I’m home every night since our sim is here in HNL. Also gives me the opportunity to “hone” my sim skills :grin:

How does sim time work at the airlines. Do they offer it any time you want it or is it limited? I can imagine sim time isn’t free.

Hey Andre,

All pilots are required to go to Recurrent Training once a year. Depending on the program that usually mean around 3 days in the sim. There’s also sim required for transitions to other aircraft and upgrade to Capt. I’m here at Hawaiian and we’re actually a relatively small airline with only 600 pilots so every now and then there’s an odd man. When that happens scheduling will ask for volunteers. Some guys like it, some don’t. Personally I’m a fan and see it as an opportunity to hone my skills. Problem is if you have a “bad day” there is the potential for jeopardy which many don’t like to risk.