Sept 2016 Reserve/Instructor/Vacation Schedule

Sept was a funky since a) I was on Reserve, b) I just started training as a CRM (Crew Resource Mgmt) Ground Instructor and c) I had vacation;

1-4: Reserve No Call
5-7: Class
8-9: Off
11: Day in BNE
12:Day in BNE
14-15: Off
16-22: Vacation
23-25: Off
26-31: Reserve No Call

As you can see I only flew 1 trip, had 3 days of class and was basically off 25 days. Hope I remember how to fly? It’s pull back houses get smaller right? :wink:


@Adam Hello Sir,

My name is Lance Ramo. I don’t know if you still remember me but, I was here before, talking to you probably 1yr and half ago about being a pilot. which school to go to, etc. I went with ATP yet, I chose a different path other than instructing. I’m working for pt.135 company now here in the Mariana islands, trying to reach the magic number for airlines. The reason for this message Is just that I wanted to thank you for all your advice and mentorship, answering all my questions which really made sure I wanted to become a pilot. Wish you all the best sir!

Lance Ramo

Hey Lance!

Thank you so much for your kind words. Glad I was able to help but it’s you that did the work.

Congrats and kudos! You’ll be flying for an airline before you know it! Keep me posted.



Thank you sir, I’m still 500hrs away though. I also want to try hawaii. So, for now I’m looking at ohana air under empire or island air. Alot of people ask me why I want to fly ATR’s or any turboprop rather than a jet. There’s just something about the island flying that gets me plus the hawaiian culture that I just want to experience. Any info, advice or pros and cons regarding the two companies? Or flying at hawaii in general sir?

Thanks again.

Lance Ramo


500hrs is nothing! It’ll go quick. I’m not that familiar with either but I can tell you Hawaiian hires many of their pilots. They do however usually make them go to mainland to get some experience flying a jet as well as exposure to more varied environments (winter, mountainous, thunderstorms etc). Hawaii is awesome but let’s be honest, it’s VMC 90% of the time. The flying is fun but it doesn’t do much for your skills. While turboprop experience is great, if your ultimate goal is to make it to a Major I think you’d be better served going to a Mainland Regional once you get your 1500hrs.


Major’s still the dream. My future goal is pretty much HAL. That’s the reason I was leaning towards local airlines in hawaii cause I have this notion that they wanted guys who are familiar with the route. Yet, I understand it’s definitely a long way ahead and alot of stuff may change. Thank you sir for the information. Definitely helped alot!

Lance Ramo

Dear Adam,
Is there anyway I can email you, or will you email me, I have multiple questions, and if you can find the time to talk to me it would be greatly appreciated, I have been interested in this job for quite some time now but I am still at a young age
Jarod Powell


Adam and I would both be happy to answer your questions, but we prefer that you post them as questions in the main forum, that way other people can benefit from your questions. We understand that you have lots of questions, that is great! Head over to the “Questions and Answers” section and start posting.



What Chris said :slight_smile: