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Hey guys,

I have been thinking about ATP a very very long time. I am 30 years old and have been working in the airline industry for about 10 years now doing different things. I do not have a degree nor do I have my PPL. I do have about 5 hours but thats it. I been reading some of your replies and it seems that ATP has a new (Maybe I have never heard it) rule that you must have a degree or a PPL. Does work experience count for anything? Or am I stuck going to school or to a different flight school?

Looking forward to starting with ATP one day. Thanks guys.

Hi Cody and Welcome!

It’s not a new rule, it’s actually been in place forever, they’re just enforcing it a little more stringently these days. If you visit the website it says degree, Private OR “equivalent work experience”. Basically ATP is looking for some evidence you’re capable of the commitment. While ATP isn’t bootcamp, it is a bit of a bear and requires a fair amount of focus, dedication and commitment and they simply don’t want the Airline Career Pilot Program to be your first try at one. One of the reasons I have so much respect for ATP is the fact they’re more concerned with delivering a solid product than just taking people’s money. If you’ve got 10yrs work experience in the industry and have actually flown a few hours you should be fine. I of course am not in admissions so when you start getting serious I’d give them a call. Cool?


I might be able to help? I have about 9 hours and I’m 4 classes shy of getting my AA degree. Since I technically don’t meet the requirements for admission, I called them and explained my situation. All they asked was for me to send my professional resume and my official transcript. I heard back the same day saying that they am able to proceed with the process! Although there are requirements, it’s not impossible. Call the admission office and speak with a representative!!

I just came across this post the other day. I too overlooked the associates degree/ppl requirement. So I got ahold of ATP admissions and they informed me I would need to submit a resume with the dates of my education and employment on it. They would then look at my experience and make a decision. Just for some background, I am 34 and have been working full time for the last 14 years. I have a little college under my belt but am not close to a degree and it was quite a while ago. I worked at one job for 4 years, one for 7, and have been self employed for the last year. The very next day after submitting my resume, I got an email stating I was accepted and could start the process of obtaining my first class medical and financing. Pretty stoked! But this just goes to show that just because you don’t have an associates degree, you should talk to them about being accepted. You might be delightfully surprised like me! I’m hoping to start in Denver sometime in April!

Congrats Gabe!

Glad to hear and yes that’s what we’ve been saying. It never hurts to ask.


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