Just took IRA, FII, and IGI

So how much does your score matter when going for the checkride? I scored a little lower than I wanted to. Especially on the FII. I had quite a few questions I hadn’t seen when compared to sheppard air.

IRA - 92
FII - 86
IGI - 86


The scores themselves have very little influence. The breadth and depth of your knowledge and ability to articulate your answers in a clear and concise manner is what is most important. I found that it was more valuable work through the PTS and rehearse my answers.



Technically it does not matter, but the examiner is required to ask you about any questions you got wrong. I would either really read up on and study what I got wrong, or retake the tests and try to get above a 90.



The examiner will check your score but 86 isn’t terrible. I’d review and leave it.


Yeah I’m a little frustrated with an 86… But I know what questions I got wrong and all of them but one were questions that had two right answers, but one was “more right” and I knew that when answering I just made the wrong choices.

Obviously it’s not a terrible score and I think I will be fine just a little disappointed!

It’s really not a big deal. You’ll realize that you’ve been stressing over nothing when it’s all over. No one will ever ask what you got on any of those writtens in an interview.