Laser Illumination

I just had this happen to me, it is serious stuff. I would prefer that instead of jail, these perpetrators have permanent blindness inflicted on them via a scorching hot fire poker. That would put an end to this nonsense.


Hi Chris, that is unfortunate and how did you manage this in-flight? Also, here’s another article on the topic and looks like the US Military is working on pilot sunglasses that could help

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Ummmm… that’s a little medieval but I understand.


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What is wrong with people!


Interesting article. Basically the response is to not look outside until past the source of the laser.


Just have to get around that 8th amendment nonsense first :rofl:

Eeek, laser illuminations… been lased before and it sucks.


Are there any know reasons why these people do this? We’ve had several instances of morons doing that in SLC and I wonder if part of the issue is lack of well spread awareness about the issue. I like to imagine they don’t have ill intentions, just playing with the pretty light.

I have no idea why people would intentionally point a blinding light at anybody else. I suspect that the people doing this know exactly what they are doing.