LASIK and more

I plan to start ATP in March and was wondering should I get LASIK before flight school or after I graduate? also,
I am studying for my private knowledge test and I am on the aeronautical map section and I understand bits and pieces but I am still a little lost any advice or do I just need to study more?


The Lasik decision is yours. I’m not that familiar but from what I understand there is a short recovery period and you’ll want to make sure your eyes are completely healed and settled before you start your training. You don’t mention if you’ve got your medical yet? If you have you’ll need to report the surgery on your next medical, if not you’ll need to report it when you do.

As for you’re study you don’t mention which guide or software you’re using? You haven’t started training yet so there’s little to no context. This is why we encourage people to simply use the test prep and basically learn the answers by rote. No you’ll not understand it nor will you learn anything. That will come later during training when it’ll make sense. For now you’re simply checking a box.



Thank you, I am using Sporty now and I am also going to use King later


I had a very negative experience with LASIK and very much wish that I had not gotten it. Make sure you get an opinion from more than one doctor and see one that does not just run a LASIK mill.

There are many YouTube videos available that explain sectional charts, I would check that out.