Do the airlines still deny You if you have had LASIK surgery? With glasses, I have average vision. I have wanted to have LASIK for a couple of years though and thought about getting it next year. I’m just afraid to if I become a pilot because I’m afraid I have a better chance wearing my glasses than actually getting LASIK

Thanks guys!


I have not heard of the airlines denying anybody for Lasik in ages. In fact to my knowledge they don’t even ask about it. I had Lasik in 2001, which was before I even started flight training. I have never once been asked by an airline if I had the procedure, or any other eye procedure. All they care about is that you have a First Class Medical.

You will absolutely have to have 20/20 to get a first class medical. This does not mean that you can’t wear glasses to get you there, but one way or another you must be able to see 20/20.

If you have plans on going into the military it is imperative that yo do not undergo Lasik or any other eye procedure without first speaking to a recruiter. Based on my personal experience I would highly recommend that you go to a regular Ophthalmologist to get an opinion on your eyes before you sign up for one of these Lasik mills.


Chris would know best, he’s got the vision problems! :grin: