LASIK eye surgery

Hello everyone,

My first question is can I become an airline pilot if I did LASIK eye surgery?

My second question is what’s the difference between class 1 physical , class 2 and class 3?

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-Ahmad Abulhaija

I had Lasik eye surgery and it was not a problem, although that FAA did ask some questions and have my doctor fill out a form.

The standards are higher for a first class medical certificate, which is the one you will need to be an airline pilot. If you do not have any major health concerns or any mental health issues, it generally is not an issue, but of course an FAA doctor has the final say.


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LASIK surgery will not prevent you from obtaining your First Class Medical certificate.

Here’s a link that shows the differences between each exam:

While that link may show what is checked, in order to be an airline pilot you have to be able to obtain a First Class Medical. Here’s another link that answers a lot of common medical certificate questions:


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Thank you Chris that was helpful.

Thank you Tory I’ll check out the link.

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In addition to the exams being “tougher” (ie, more thorough) the different classes allow greater privileges and have different durations. Take a look at the links Tory provided for details.


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Thank you Adam.