When I was 17 I got reckless driving, when I was 18 I got a DUI. Have had 2 speeding tickets. And disturbing the piece. I’m 22 now. I’m currently a student pilot at UNK. I want to go to atp. What’s yours suggestions.


Stop breaking the law, for one. At your rate you’re not showing that you can be trusted with other people’s lives or multimillion dollar airplanes. Airlines need to see a change in behavior. The more years you can put between your last offense the more likely it is to be hired. You can’t get in any more trouble if you want to fly for an airline.

The enrollment process is the same for everyone. 1st class medical, PPL plus 78+ hrs or 2 yrs college or 2 yrs work experience. What’s going on with UNK? You mentioned once already that you were thinking about making the switch, but you haven’t shared any specifics.



I am a first year pilot at UNK. I’m in the aviation system management and professional flight program. I talked to the advisor of the program and he said he thought I’d be alright. I’m just worried I’m dumping money into a school that will get me no where. I hold my PPL and I have an associates degree along with 5 yrs of military experience.


My suggestion is that you clean your act up, there is no excuse for this kind of behavior. None.

I think that because your infractions have been so recent, you could potentially have a hard time getting a job as a pilot. At least not until some serious time passes by. That being said, I recommend that you contact the recruiting departments of several regional airlines and get an official answer from them.


Were you honorably discharged?

I’m currently still serving. I re-upped my contract for another six years. I am in good standing with the military.

I wish I could give you a definitive answer. I’m not a recruiter. I would call some airlines and ask to speak with the recruiter and see what they say.

On another note, if you decide to make the switch to ATP, how will you balance the program while serving the new contract you signed with the military?