Loan/Career Advice

I am 36 years old with a lifelong passion for aviation and considering a career change. If I were to attend ATP I would need to borrow money for the full cost. I don’t have a PPL yet but I hope to take the knowledge test in the next couple of months. I don’t have kids and do not plan on having children. I guess the question is, is it worth it to extend debt payments into my 40’s for an exciting and rewarding career? I still have a bit of unpaid debt from my previous career, but no mortgage or credit card debt. I have an excellent credit history and have always lived within my means. I guess the first few years in the regionals will be hard but it seems like over a 25(ish) year career the payoff will be greater in the long term. Especially, since my current career path, while providing an okay living, will never compensate me the way an airline career would 10-12 years from now. Any guidance is highly appreciated.


First off no one can (or should) tell you what’s worth what to YOU. My daughter makes a fine living and loves designer handbags. She will spend more than I’ve paid for for a bag. I think she’s nuts but it’s her life and her money. This is your life and these are grown up decisions. You say things like “lifelong passion” and “exciting and rewarding career”. Are those just words or do you really mean that? When I started flying I had ZERO intention of becoming a professional (didn’t think I could) and I gladly paid lots of money for the pleasure of a few hours of doing something I truly loved. Now I get paid a considerable amount for the same privilege. Worth it isn’t even a question to me? That said I know others who feel this job is no different than any other and question their decision because frankly they did it for the paycheck and never really had a passion for it.

Only you know which one you are or what’s worth what?



You’ll find guidance to your questions in the FAQ section, and ultimately only you can answer the is it worth it question. You’re not too only to be getting started, but not young either.



Me and you we are about the same age and same situation plus I have a 14 month old daughter. I personally don’t see this job as a career which it is but you have to think about passion love of it and something that you really wanna do it because words comes easy than action.

Bro if you love it and you have a thrist about aviation world in my opinion don’t think about the rest.

I have been here in US 8 years with nothing since I have my green card now I am going to do this and nothing will would stop me.

BEEN PILOT is not about making money or career it is about love of wings and flying with your own hand and heart​:pray::airplane: