Loan for international student with an American citizen cosigner

Hi everyone,

I just got my bachelor’s and now I’m planning to join ATP later this year so by now im trying to tie everything up to have it ready for this fall. I’m from the Dominican Republic and quality-wise we honestly don’t have the best flying school that I might decide to join(yes we have just one) so that’s the reason why we ended up choosing ATP in Clearwater…

Well, we are contemplating (my parents and I) to get a loan to pay maybe a part of the program or its totality. My dad is an american citizen so hes willing to be my cosigner in any case. The deal is that im not quite sure about if there are any options for pilot student loans where a non-US citizen can get a loan having an american cosigner. If any of you might know anything about this topic that could help me clarify this ill be really thankful.

Thanks in advance!


To train with ATP (and work as a pilot in the US) you must either be a citizen or have permanent resident status.