Loan Options (I would not suggest Salle Mae)

Hello I am a credit private student working on my instrument rating at ATP. I am here to warn as many incoming pilots that Salle Mae is not the only option. They are advertised all over ATP websites but from my experience so far they are extremely predatory. I do not know if this is the case with everyone, but I have talked to five different students who received loans from them and they are extremely aggressive after you have signed the contract.
When I was first doing research to find the best way to receive my loan money I was confused why the only option seemed to be them, but that is not the case. I would suggest looking at several different options. Because I applied to Salle Mae and Meritize with the same Co-signer (who makes good money), and Salle Mae originally refused me. However I am glad this was the case because my interest rate is half if not less than half of anyone who received a Salle Mae loan.
Salle Mae is also constantly emailing them and causing problems with their loans and making them pay more money. I have never had a problem with Meritize.
All I’m trying to do is warn incoming students that there are other options and they are typically much better.
P.s. even though I never received money from salle Mae and actually revoked my application they still try to email me trying to get a different co-signer and harass me.
Best of luck in your careers everyone! Fly safe but remember there are dangerous aspects to everything in life including devious loaners!

(Hopefully this doesn’t get removed because I am not trying to attack Salle Mae, just protect my friends who share my love of flying)

Hi Noah,

I’m sorry to hear that you have had a less-than-desirable experience with Sallie Mae, though that experience is not the case for every student.

Students seeking to finance ATP’s flight training program are offered all student loan options from the beginning of the process. ATP’s Finance team works diligently to provide potential students with the most competitive loan products for financing flight training.

Sallie Mae and Meritize have varied aspects of their loan products which may be more advantageous or competitive to individual borrowers based on their financial circumstances. Students are encouraged to speak with our finance team while investigating their options for financing flight training with ATP. Our goal is to address any concerns that come up during this process, as we understand this investment is a life-changing event.

The lending practices of the companies we work with are based on a long track record of offering competitive and honest lending products. These products allow students of ATP to successfully become airline pilots while ensuring a feasible debt structure in their career transition. An individual’s financial circumstances are unique, so there is no one size fits all approach to financing flight training. Investigating all of the options available for financing training has always been and continues to be the advice of ATP.

Any student with questions or concerns is encouraged to reach out via email at, or call the finance team directly at 904-595-7946.

Thank you,

My word choices were definitely a little too strong there, people I’ve talked to have had their struggles and but I do not want to discredit anyone especially ATP financial team, because after all, after calling them I was put in the right direction and received financing to pursue my dreams.
I worded my original response poorly, but without the finance team I wouldn’t be where I am at today.
I was just trying to shed light on other options that ATP provides and my personal expirence with loan offers.
I would suggest to anyone who has problems or questions about their loan or loan options, to contact the number provided above!
Thank you for responding and I hope this response helps with understanding my above post. Now looking back I can see how it could be interpreted incorrectly. Everyone does receive personally based offers from whom whoever they apply for.
Thank you,

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