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Looking to become an Airline Pilot

Hello. I am currently still a junior in high school. My dream has always been to become a pilot. I have done some research and I know what the required licenses I need. I just wanted to ask if a college degree is recommended or is it a requirement to get an airline job since i’m pretty sure I heard that you don’t need one to be hired. Thanks for your help!


While you’re correct you don’t need a college degree to be hired by a Regional, you do if you want to fly for a Major.

Now if you think you’d be content flying small jets with the US and Canada while your peers move on to fly heavy Boeings and Airbuses around the world and earn 5 times what you make, then you’re correct you don’t need a degree. If not you might want to think about getting one.


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Please check out the FAQ section as there is a detailed post on this very topic there.


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I appreciate the answer. Looks like the best way is to get a degree which can be helpful in the long run. Thank you!

Will do! Thanks!