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Lot of questions

I have a lot of questions do you guys know if there is any advisor or place I can go to fill all those questions. I got questions like, after the 9 months for the certificate will I get pay for the 1500 hours I need and what kind of jobs I will be able to do, the school is gonna help me to find a job when I’m done with the school. I have to be 7 days a week able to be at school and I leave at 30mn away from it, is there any ways I could stay in the school? Is there any job we can do during the school time to be earning money at the school, and I really want to talk to an advisor maybe I can go to school or do a zoom video because I am getting crazy hehe


You’re welcome to call ATP and speak with someone but ALL your questions can and have been answered in this forum. I encourage you to visit our FAQ section and ATPs website. There a wealth of information on there and while we’re happy to answer any and all this is actually good practice if you really aspire to be a pilot. Flight training requires a tremendous amount of self study and you’ll be responsible for finding the answers. With that here’s some quick and dirty:

  1. The program is 7mos and successful grads will be offered a paid instructor position or are free to seek other opportunities.

  2. Many of ATPs locations have housing available at a reasonable cost or you could find your own.

  3. Working during the program is highly discouraged. The program is accelerated and very challenging ah requires a full-time commitment.

If you’d like more again I encourage you to do some reading.


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Thanks so much Adam that helps a lot thank youu

Hi Robert,

I work in our admissions department, so I am happy to help with your questions!

After the 7 month program, you can apply to become a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) with us which is a paid position to build up the additional flight time prior to applying to a Regional Airline.

As far as your commute, we do offer a convenient housing option for most of our locations. These are most often apartments that are about 10-15 minutes away from the training center.

During the Fast Track Program, we do ask that you are not working or going to school for safety purposes. Keep in mind, we do offer a Flex Track Program that would allow you the scheduling flexibility to continue working while training.

I’d recommend contacting our admissions department at 904-595-7950 so that we can set up a tour for you at the nearest facility!

Hope this provides some clarity for you,


What is considered a successful grad to be eligible for the paid instructor position? Also, for those that still need income did you or did you know of anyone that just took out another loan to cover cost of living instead of working?

Thank you.


A successful grad is somewhat that completes the program with few or no checkride failures, but more importantly demonstrates a professional attitude and strong work ethic. While you are most definitely the customer and ATP is providing a service, the program requires a tremendous amount of hard work and effort on your part as well. Those who rise to it are successful. Those who expect to be spoon-fed often are not.

As for the loan, if approved, the lender will let you take out additional funds to cover your living expenses. This is something many if not most do.


Hey, I have another question let’s say I graduate already and I will work as an instructor for the school usually how much do I get paid, and if I have to move out of the State to work as an instructor will I get housing? do I get paid only for the hour in the air or also for the time I have to be in the school?


The pay info you seek can be found here:

You can request a specific location but there are no guarantees. ATP may offer you a position and will tell you which locations are available. You can either accept and move if need be or look for a job elsewhere.

No, instructors are not provided with housing. It may be available depending on the location for a reasonable cost.



I believe a "Successful graduate: is somebody that fails no more than two checkrides while in the program. Obviously the less you fail, the better.


I am a junior in high school at the moment. I’ve begun researching how to meet my goal of becoming an airline pilot. I was wondering what I can do in the mean time to help me reach my goal. would it be benificial to take flying classes at my local private airport? would it be worth it to spend money on it?

Hi Emma,

Welcome! Thank you for your question.

Short answer may actually sound counterintuitive, but I actually recommend just focusing on school first. Get your four-year degree and then enroll in flight school after.

We expand more on this in greater detail in our FAQ section. Frequently Asked Questions - Airline Pilot Life