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Hi so I am interested in becoming major airline pilot I talked to ATP and got accepted for loan and pretty soon I have my admission flight coming up and I was planning after I finish all the certificates and hours I need to become regional pilot to continue further and get my bachelor degree(would have done sooner but the only available university in my area is private and they are very strict on loan programs) so I was going through the web trying to get as much intel as I can about major airline careers and found out that most airlines require bachelor and some websites stated that any bachelor works(unreliable ones) I was hoping to get answers from experts and experienced people here and also if I get the bachelor after I been regional for a while would it reset my career stats or would it carry over and just make me qualified for major. One last thing I know some friends who are pilots but in different countries(canada and panama) who became major pilots after gaining enough experience from regional without the need for bachelor is it the same in the US? Sorry for the long questions I just needed good source of info to help me determine what should I do as I have no connections to any pilot or such in the aviation industry

By any bachelor I mean for example financial accounting bachelor which I have associate in

Welcome and congrats on your first steps. You didn’t ask it here but since you have your steps lined up I’ll suggest getting your writtens out of the way within a year of starting to help you out as well.

As far as bachelors degrees yes in most cases you will need one and the major itself doesn’t matter if you do aeronautics or gender studies. What the mentors usually suggest is something you think you could do the rest of your life in case something happens while flying (ie you don’t like it, want a career change, lose your medical etc).

There are “flows” set up between regionals and majors where a bachelors is not required BUT it’s still not a guarantee. Most regionals say oh you will flow within 7 yrs but the Majors I’m sure have protected themselves and have language in the flow agreement to where it’s not a guarantee to keep themselves from getting a below average type of pilot (even though the airlines “don’t rank pilots”)


While the airlines don’t formally “rank” pilots I can assure you they keep VERY detailed records on every aspect of your career. Anyone who thinks the parent Major doesn’t review the applicants Regional history prior to offering them a flow is sadly mistaken.


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I’m aware you and Chris have been very informative over the years and that’s why I left it in there for the flow

And the game of telephone continues…

thank you for answering my questions that was really a great help to me. Although, my admission flight is coming up today during my physical test I was told to get glasses or lenses until I do that I have a chance to look for better options rather than go for certificates then get the bachelor that’s why I was asking experienced people Ill put all effort I can to figure out a way to do it through university.

If I’m incorrect about the flows please let me know. You and Tory are the most recent for insight and some of my knowledge on it may be dated.

This might be a silly question, but when you eventually make it to the Majors, do you get a say in the type of a/c you fly? Or is it seniority based?

Quoting Chris from another post on the same stuff.

Thanks Phillip, I appreciate the response!!

Just to piggyback and since you’re brandy new and have no seniority you won’t have much say beyond what’s available to your class.


I am A okay with working my way up. If I get the chance to get my hands on a B787 one day that would be a dream come true. Regardless, flying is a passion, and I would be happy to fly whatever!


Trust me we all have our dream plane. For me it was the 747 but by the time I got here they were all pretty much gone. Kind of a bummer but know they’ll be something newer and shinier when your time comes.