Manassas Location?

Question for Chris and anyone else who’s flown at the Manassas location. I’m wondering what the facilities are like compared to some of the bigger locations.

  1. Are there study areas, or are you expected to leave after flying and study on your own time?

  2. How often can you fly a week? Are weather cancellations a big issue?

  3. What’s the average program completion time at this location in your experience?



  1. I trained at HEF many years ago so I can’t really comment on the current facilities but I believe all the ATP locations have areas for study.

  2. Your instructor will schedule your training to follow the curriculum and syllabus. I trained there during the winter and the weather was never an issue. That said we’re talking about weather. I was in NY last week, one day it was 70, yesterday it was 30 and snowing.

  3. The program time for ALL locations is 7mos. ATP wouldn’t have a facility at a location where that wasn’t possible.



  1. ATP is in a new, much nicer office in HEF since Adam and I went there. There are study areas available.

  2. The frequency of flying really depends on the stage of the program you are in and the weather. There are some phases of the program that are very heavy on simulator work as that lays the foundation for instrument skills. Other portions of the program involve significantly more flying. Weather cancellations certainly do happen and are not always predictable, but it is simply part of the process and is accounted for in the timeframe.

  3. I am not sure about the average completion time at this, or any other location, but I would plan on it taking the full time. I finished on the exact day my program was supposed to end.



I had the opportunity to visit our Manassas location last year, and it is a very nice, updated facility. We are located in the FBO (Chantilly Air) on the second floor and have a few different classrooms. There are areas to study within the space there.

Keep in mind that admissions can always schedule a tour of the facility for you to see the training center, planes and meet some of our students and instructors. Admissions can be reached at 904-595-7950!


Hey Randy, curious if you ever checked out the Manassas facility, and what your thoughts were? I’ll do a tour regardless, but always good to get more opinions.

I’m planning a December start, and it’s going to come down to Manassas (with an hour commute from a place I own in Arlington) or taking a second short-term lease for 7-8 months down near Mesa.

I know an hour isn’t a desirable commute, but if it’s going to save me paying two housing costs it may be worth it?


I think an hour is doable. Not ideal, but it should work. Just make sure it is really an hour and not a DC hour that actually takes three hours.


Haha thanks. It’s a real hour, fortunately. Only 35 minutes with no traffic so plan on an hour. Fortunately it’s also against traffic so… while it would be nice to go down to Mesa or Florida in the winter it’s hard to justify the extra expense and move.


I agree and would just make the commute work.