Maximum height

Hi Chris I’m 17 and 6’8 in height. I’ve wanted to fly since I was little just like you but I would like to know if that is a possibility with my height?


Your height should be no problem at all for the airlines, I know several pilots that are very tall. The military does have some height restrictions for their pilots, but the airlines do not.


It would seem the biggest challenge for a tall person would be fitting in the training aircraft. I’m guessing Airline cockpits are slightly larger than a Cessna 172 or Piper Seminole.

I have seen many tall pilots fit in training airplanes. Sure, it is more of a squeeze for some than others, but people make it work. The cockpits do get bigger at the airlines, but I wouldn’t exactly describe any of them as spacious.


Thanks guys that really helps. I’m so excited!

I am 6’6 and have flown with a buddy a few times in his 172 and it works out lol. Definitely not a limo, but it is fairly comfortable.

Hey All,

I’m 6’4" and it really wasn’t an issue at all. The C172 is actually a little bit better than the PA44 for tall people since the seat is more adjustable.
I actually wanted to go join the air force and be a fighter pilot when I was younger. The flight surgeon that did my medical exam told me to check if I fit in the cockpit before I join, so I went and tried fitting myself into an F16 cockpit. Didn’t fit…good thing I tried before I enlisted. You can do the same, just call and request a tour of one of the training centers, they will let you sit in both aircraft and you will be able to see if you are comfortable.