Am I too tall?

I’m 6’6, and I know the airforce pilot cut off is 6’4ish. Is there a hard cut off for commercial pilots too? Do commercial cockpits have enough head and leg space to accommodate someone my size?

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As long as you can establish full range of the flight controls, there is no height limitation. Trainers like cessnas and archers have adjustments for both seat height and length forward and back to the pedals. It would be good to take an intro flight to make sure you fit comfortably before taking out a big loan. Commercial airliners have many different seat adjustments and much bigger cockpits so you shouldn’t have an issue at that level.



Commercial airlines have no height restrictions and most commercial aircraft seats have a wide range of adjustability so that won’t be an issue.

The challenge for you is finding a training aircraft that you’re comfortable in but they’re definitely are. You might just have to try a few different ones.


Hey Jeffry,

Try calling Admissions, they may be able to offer an introductory flight at a local training center to see if you are comfortable in the cockpit. We have a couple people at my training center who are over six feet tall. The Seminole gets pretty cramped, but we haven’t had any issues with the Cessna.