Height limit in the FAA?

I’ve always been into aviation. I’m pretty tall and I’m starting to worry that I might be too tall. I tried looking it up online but there isn’t a clear answer. Some people say there is some don’t. I would just like some clarification

The military does have some height restrictions. The FAA does not impose a height limit, nor do the airlines. ATP has a height limit of 6’3" due to the size airplanes they use for training.

Depending on how tall you are, you might want to ask to quickly sit in the cockpit next time you are on an airplane flight, just to see if you can comfortably fit. That being said, I do know plenty of tall pilots.

Thank you. I’m over 6’3” right now. I’ve been in a Cessna 172 cockpit and that seemed fine. Does it get bigger from there?

Some of the regional jet cockpits can be rather small, but probably larger than a 172 cockpit.

Is the height limit for ATP an absolute limit? My son is 18, in college, but is currently planning to enroll at ATP upon graduation in 2021. He is 6’4.5", approx. 160lbs. (I mention the weight so that you’ll understand width-wise should not come into play). Do they evaluate on a per applicant basis, or should he find another avenue? And if so, what avenue should that be?

Thank you in advance!


As far as I know the limit is a restriction. That said I’d call ATP Admin and offer the details to see for certain. That and tell your son to slouch a little :wink:


LOL…I’ll do that. Thank you!

I start in January and I’m 6’3”. I did my PPL training at a local school in a C152 and had no issues. I saw an ATP instructor at my location who was easily taller than me, possibly 6’5” and obviously he wasn’t restricted. The location uses Piper Archers, which I believe have a smaller cabin than C172s. So basically, don’t rule out attending ATP based on the height restriction.

Good to know! Thanks, @Brent!

The weight limit is an absolute hard and fast restriction. Have your son call the admissions department and discuss the height limit with them.

Keep in mind that you son is always welcome to join the discussion here himself.

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