May's 2023 Schedule

The first of the month continued from April. I was on OE. For OE, they place you on R1 (home reserve). You are at home on reserve with a 10 hour callout. Usually, you know a few days prior that you have a flight vs being called 10 hours out (R1 is not biddable and only used in certain circumstances).

The RIV-BWI leg on 5/18 was my PM line check. I was supposed to do my PF line check on 5/20 from LAS-CVG, but the flight ended up cancelling and I was released for a few days. My PF line check was completed on 5/25 and OE was completed. I went home still on R1 but unlikely to get used (and didn’t).

13 days off NOT including the last reserve days of the month I pretty much knew I wasn’t going to get used for.

RSV for a reserve day not used. REST for an augmented rest segment which is basically a day off for a reserve line.

  1. AUS-CVG, then gateway home CVG-DFW
  2. off
  3. off
  4. off
  5. off
  6. off
  7. off
  8. off
  9. off
  10. off
  11. off
  12. off
  13. off
  14. off
  15. RSV
  16. gateway DFW-CVG
  17. CVG-BOI (redeye)
  19. BWI-ATL-LAS (DH all the way)
  20. LAS-DFW (DH)
  21. REST
  22. RSV
  23. RSV
  24. DFW-LAS (DH)
  25. LAS-CVG
  26. REST (gateway CVG-DFW)
  27. RSV
  28. RSV
  29. RSV
  30. RSV
  31. RSV