FAA Medical Certificate

Hello everyone,

Does anybody know how long the FAA takes to decide on Medical Certification? Or had a similar situation and the steps you took.

6 months ago I went in for my class one medical to start flight school. The ECG came back indicating abnormal rhythm. The AME had me do further testing. After seeing an actual cardiologist and having done several tests, the cardiologist said that my heart and my health are in perfect condition. I went back to the AME with the results, he agreed that he missed interpreted his ECG result. He submitted the results from the cardiologist to the FAA and said in two weeks they should approve and send the Medical Certificate to me via mail.

It’s been almost 7 months now I haven’t received it or heard anything from the FAA. Is that an usual thing? I would greatly appreciated any suggestions or advice from you all in regards to getting this matter resolved. Thank you all.


FAA times can vary considerably depending on many factors. That said 7mos is a long time. I’d call OK City. My experience is they’re very helpful and can at a min give you a status update.



Seven months is way too long. Call the number on this website as soon as possible:


Chris, Thank you.

Adam, Thank you.

Anytime, that is what we are here for :slight_smile: