Medical deferred due to an SSRI

Hey guys! I just was wondering how I should go about my recent issues with obtaining my medical. I used to take medication for general anxiety, and when I went in for my medical they saw it on my record and deferred me. I was prescribed the drug about a year and a half ago (I had a lot going on in my life at the time and my mother suggested that it may help), and I haven’t taken it in about 7 or 8 months, but I guess it was enough of a red flag to defer me. The AME told me about how I needed to wait 6 months and try again, or go through the HIMS program to clear it. I know that I need to be off the drug for 60 days (which I absolutely have been), so do you think I will be able to obtain my medical after those 60 days if I clear it with my provider and get a doctor’s note stating that I do not need the prescription any more and I am mentally fit? Or is the FAA hard set on 6 months? This is the only hiccup holding me back from obtaining my first class, so I really want to get it cleared up ASAP so I can solo!

Thanks for the help guys!


This is more than just a “hiccup”. The FAA doesn’t simply want you to be off your medication, they’re going to want to know why you were on it and if you’re ok without it.

Every case is different but this is a case where your AME is your best resource.


Okay. I’m hoping I can get it resolved quickly since I no longer require the medication. I’m going to see a doctor to get it off my record and I’ll follow up with them in a month or 2. I’ll make sure my record states that the medication is no longer going to be an issue and is not something I need for my next medical.

Thanks, Adam

I took an SSRI for about 6 months. Was off of it for a year, without any more issues. It was just a rough patch in life. Prior to my medical appointment, I had my primary care doctor pretty much state as much in a letter. I brought the letter to my appointment and was still deferred. My AME sent all my documents as well as the letter to the FAA. About 2 months later, the FAA requested more details about the timeline (I sent them my appointment history and notes). Like 2 months after that I received my 1st class in the mail. I am sure all will be fine for you, but like Adam said, your AME is the best resource.


Only your AME can answer that question, we are not medical experts here. I am sure the FAA will have many questions for you before they proceed.