MEI and CFII needed?

I know these certifications are not required to be eligible at the regionals. However, will i be less competitive in the regionals application process without these?

Also, do these greatly speed up your ability to build flight hours as an instructor or are they just nice to haves?

Are there any other big benefits from these that I’m not thinking about?


No the airlines don’t care of you have your MEI or your II nor will it make you less competitive. The question is however why wouldn’t you get them? Yes of course it’ll take you longer to build you time with just your CFI since you’ll be limited to only Private students. No instrument or multi training allowed. Then there’s the matter of building the required 25 hrs of multi time. Without your MEI you’ll have you pay to build that time (vs getting paid) and for what that time will cost you could get both ratings. The CFI is the big one, the other 2 are simply add-ons and neither checkride is particularly challenging.

Short answer to your question is no you don’t need them but again I need to ask why you wouldn’t want to?


Thanks for the response! I’m just seeing if i can cut costs


You could cut costs, but you would be adding significant time to the instructing phase of your career.



I actually think the MEI and FII are invaluable ratings. Both will give you more options as an instructor and the FII will keep your IFR knowledge and skills sharp.