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Multi-Engine Add On Opinions

Morning team,

Seeking opinions on whether ATP’s Multi-Engine Add On to my training might make me a more competitive candidate for:

  • A CFI position at ATP
  • FO position at a regional (eventually)

Saw some older posts kicking around this topic, just wondering if the post-COVID hiring environment might cause extras like this to be more valuable.

Hope everyone has a great Monday,



Do you mean the MEI rating, or just the commercial multi? Either way, they are both required to be an ATP CFI. That aside, ATP generally only hires students that went through the whole Airline Career Pilot Program as they know the school and its methods better than anybody.


Hi @Chris, I am specifically talking about the 100+ Hour Multi Engine Option I see on the ATP website, which appears to be an “add on” to the usual program.

I don’t think it will necessarily make you more competitive to get an instructor position with atp unless your trying to get the Multi position specifically. But as always, the more multi time the more competitive you are in the application process. With that being said, it’s pretty expensive and adds more time to your program before you begin instructing and making an income again so if financing is an issue I wouldn’t recommend it.


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The 100hr option is actually to make you more competitive if you DON’T want to be a Regional FO. If your goal is the Regionals the standard Career Pilot program will provide you with sufficient ME time to meet the Regional requirements. If however your goal were to fly corporate or something other than the Regionals, many of those jobs require more ME time so the 100hr option would be beneficial.


  • Great insight @Adam, that make sense now that I think about it.
  • Something that cost MORE time and MORE money, would need a pretty good reason to take on that double whammy. Thanks @Hannah!


I think the 100 hour option is a great option. We have returned to a time where qualifications matter and every bit of multi time makes you that more qualified.



Don’t need 100hr ME.

I usually tell people an MEI is good to have as it opens the door to flying GA Multi Engine Aircraft. Can give BFR and IPC checks in Multis, Instruct at Flight school in multi engines, and contract fly Barron’s or 310s, etc for the owners, pipeline patrol, etc. Having my MEI and networking helped get more flying opportunities.

That being said, I know multiple pilots who got their Multi rating with the minimum time and never flew a AMEL again until Airlines. Usually because the Companies/Owners they asked required more AMEL time. So the 100hr program can help meet insurance / corporate minimums to get a job.

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