MEI checkride

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Any tips/advice for nerves when taking the MEI checkride?



The best defense for any checkride, test, etc is being well prepared. I’ve actually come to embrace the pre-test jitters as it causes me to up my game. I’ll study harder and chair fly more to insure I’m good for whatever comes at me. I think most people who want to be successful get nervous to some degree prior to any testing because we care and it matters. It’s what you do with that energy that makes the difference.


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I struggled a lot with checkride nerves throughout my time as a student. The best defense is preparation but even being prepared you will still be nervous. I find focusing on each component individually is the way to get through. Focus on getting each question answered to the best of your knowledge in the oral first. Once you’re done with the oral, focus on each phase of the flight. If you’re worried about a certain maneuver or landing coming up you are more likely to mess up the task right at hand. If you focus on one thing at a time, the result will take care of itself!
Hope that helps and good luck!


Chew gum. Just make sure you aren’t making obnoxious noises to the DPE’s headset


As with any checkride, use the PTS/ACS as a guide. This will ensure that you haven’t let anything slip passed you.

Then, do mock checkrides, if possible. Use the feedback from them to help you prepare for the real one.