Meritize Loan Too Far Out

Has anyone experienced a denied loan for “Too far in advance” from Meritize?

All was going well, and then at the last page I was denied for this with that being the justification. Which is weird because my hopeful date I selected in July is now less than 6 months out.

I plan to call them Tuesday morning, I was just curious if anyone could shed some light on this as my concerns and patience or lack there of are besting me as I was already denied by Sallie Mae.


Call the finance department and ask to speak to Kirk, he is the expert on all such things.



You should reach out to ATP’s Finance team, 904-595-7950.


For the meritize loan, you must have a start date within 150 days of submitting the application. I ran into that when I was approved for a 5% apr with meritize, then ended up having to go with Sallie Mae and received a 8% APR instead. I was not excited to hear that since it’s thousands of dollars out of my pocket in the end. I think it’s a huge issue with the lack of information on both ends (ATP and Meritize). This information isn’t posted anywhere on their website or anywhere visible for the future students to see. You should be able to reapply and be approved, however percentages have gone up quite a bit in the last few months. ATPs financial department solved all the questions I had by talking to meritize for me and they informed me after via email clarifying everything. They are a very exceptional group of people.

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I found the email that Kirk sent me.

“I regret to inform you that you will have to reapply with Meritize. After a meeting on Friday with our representative from Meritize, some aspects of loan certification and timelines were clarified. Essentially, Meritize will not allow a loan to be used more than 150 days from the application date. As your loan was initiated with them on 8/23, your starting date would have to be inside of 150 days from that date for those funds to be valid. Even if ATP had completed the EV earlier, those funds would still expire with Meritize before your starting date.”


Thank you for sharing this information. Things change often and it’s great to learn the latest straight from the source. I’m glad to hear the finance department helped with all your questions!



You can always refinance down the road to minimize the overall cost. It is common for new hires to refinance once they get to a regional/major airline as their pay increases and able to have “more comfort living.” I refinanced my loan. I was happy to lose a few % of interest.



Thanks for the insight! That was in the plan for down the road. I’ve heard great things about SoFi but things change as we all know.


150 days was indeed the cause! Feb 10th is still within the 30 days I applied and so the Meritize loan will still be active, they said it should be a seamless approval process at that point.

Again thank you for the input all! Nice how prompt and helpful everyone is on here! Hopefully someone else finds this information down the road if they run into this question.