Military ATP timing

I just got my Military Commercial Competency done today (received my temp certificate). I have over 2,000 hours between my military time and private flying. And I can retire from the Air Force in less than 2 years and I am still actively flying.

So I have been looking at the ATP CTP program which prepares you for the test as I understand. Will any of the majors hire with the ATP written and then get you the training for your full ATP and type rating? I know the regionals will, but wasn’t sure about the majors. If so, how far out would you recommend takIng the ATP CTP course (I’m looking at taking it in Phoenix because you can take the FAA ATP test immediately and it is included in the price). How far out should I start applying for airlines given a September 2018 retirement? I will be almost 48, so I will still have 16 or so years to fly before I reach 65.

The goal with my hours is to skip regionals and go straight to the majors, so just trying to time out everythIng and also see what exactly is realistic regarding the ATP. If I don’t have to pay another $15k or so for the ATP or type rating and the airlines will get me training as long as I have my ATP written done that would be ideal. I don’t want too much time between either since i have to get the ATP withIn 2 years or taking the test, as I understand.


Hello Ryan,

Both Delta and American state ATP written as their requirement (vs United and SouthWest who list FULL ATP) so I believe it’s “possible”. While it can’t hurt to apply directly to the Majors I think you’re biggest obstacle is you’re competing with Regional pilots with airline experience and probably 5000hrs vs your 2000 (plus whatever you build till retirement). I can’t say 100% you won’t get picked up but virtually every pilot I know who flew for the military (and at Hawaiian we have quite a few) all went to a Regional first. I’m certain all of them would’ve have preferred not to so I’m thinking they had to? That said the industry is at an all time hiring boom and pilots are seeing opportunities they wouldn’t have in the past. Again it costs nothing to apply so why wouldn’t you?

I probably wouldn’t apply any sooner than 6 mos out. While most airlines will allow you to a defer your class date you wouldn’t want to do it too many times.


Thanks Adam!

Makes sense, apply to both and see who I might get picked up with. I know Envoy and other regionals have flow through programs. It will be interesting to see what hiring is like by 2018.


Most majors require an ATP, but will give you your type. If you haven’t received your ATP-CTP training and/or still need your ATP, Flight Training International does both in the same simulators you will be checked out in for your majors interview.