ATP CTP Prereqs & Military Competency

Hi! I’ve been a USAF fixed-wing pilot for a little over 10 years. Always planned on making a career of it, and didn’t help myself out by preparing for a civilian aviation career. I’m trying to educate myself and play catch-up now. I’m planning on enrolling in the ATP CTP program, and wanted to make sure I’ve got all my bases covered with the course prereqs. The website lists:

Hold a Private or Commercial Pilot Certificate
Hold an Airplane Multiengine Land Rating
Hold an Instrument Airplane Rating

Am I correct in understanding that the Military Competency Commercial/Instrument and Military Competency Instructor certifications meet these prerequisites? If not, could you point me in the right direction please?

Also really appreciate any general guidance folks might have for making the transition. Thanks!


That is my understanding as well (and of course the required hours). I would call ATP directly and verify just to be certain there’s nothing else.



That is my understanding as well, along with 750 hours of course. As Adam said, check with the admissions department, they have the final say on such things.


Thanks guys, good news then. I appreciate the input.



I spoke with the admissions team on this, apparently there are a few qualifying details that they will need from you. As none of us are former military, we are not the experts on this, but they are. 800-255-2877


You can get commercial with instrument rating multi-engine land with military comp. you just have to take the written multiple choice test and submit all your military documentation to the nearest FSDO. Sheppard Air is a really good resource and has a guide on studying and filling out all the paperwork.

Then you just need to finish your ATP either on your own dime or get hired by a regional and let them pay for it. If you have an unrestricted ATP you have a good shot at getting hired direct to the majors. Otherwise you might want to save the cash and let a regional pay for your ATP. Many military pilots can fly for a few months, 6-12 or so and then get interview opportunities with the majors. Get anyone you have flown with to provide internal recommendations for their respective airline, which will help also.

As always, no guarantees but the majors do hire a lot of military pilots.

Chris, Col Ryan,

Thank you for the follow-up! More or less what I understood to be the case, but great to have confirmation from a knowledgeable source.

I’ll give those folks a call to get after those qualifying details.