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Monthly guarantee

Hello again everyone.
I read that Envoy has a 72 hours monthly guarantee and reserve 75 hours guarantee. My question is, why does reserve get to have more hours guaranteed to them than the holding line? Isn’t the pilot holding a line has more seniority than the reserve?
And 1 more question :blush: can a pilot holding a line bid for more hours than the guarantee hours? if so, how likely are they to get to 100 hours per month ( since more flight hours = equal more money )

Thanks for your help :airplane:


Line vs Reserve:
Usually, lines are built with more than the minimum monthly guarantee. At my airline they are around 80-90hrs per month. Reserves on the other hand, don’t normally break the monthly guarantee. That is why reserve lines are guaranteed a little bit more, it doesn’t have to do with seniority.

Extra credit:
You can pick up trips on your days off, and that will count on top of your already built schedule. Most airlines will advertise ‘open-time’, which are trips that weren’t assigned to line holders during the monthly bid. Also, you can trade with fellow pilots that want to work less.


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Thanks Yarden. That make sense, but now I have another question. If I’m on reserve, and pick up a few more hours on my days off ( let’s say 5 hours ) would it consider 5 hours extra even if I didn’t get to work my whole 75 hours guarantee as a reserve? Or would they say ( well…since you didn’t fly 75 hours, we will count that 5 hours in the 75 hours guarantee ) :neutral_face::pensive::airplane::grin::grin::grin::grin:


That really depends on the airline and the contract that they have in place with the pilots. At some airlines they would count the extra 5 hours as “add pay” which would increase your pay, at others it would be part of your guarantee.


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Oh ok. Thanks a lot Chris.
But if it’s part of it, I’m staying home with the fam instead :blush:


As Chris said it really depends on the airline. Apparently SkyWest (Yarden’s airline) is somewhat unique because most airlines will not let you pick up on days off (unless they call you) because they don’t want you messing with your reserve availability. The reason the line guarantee would be less than reserve is to allow line holders to bid for lines with less value but there saying it can’t go below 72 hrs (in your example). If you’re a line holder you can always pick up more.


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Thanks again Adam :blush::airplane: