Multiple Checkride Failures

Hello Adam
I am not sure if I am writing in the Right spot, but I if I am not pardon me.
Anyway I have failed my IFR and CFI checkride
Do you think that would be a an issue on my future aviation career in terms of getting hire with airline???
I still have to get my CFII and ME AND MEI
As of now I am 39 years old and kinda discouraged by this failures??
Thank you sir.


Checkride failures at never good and you should be concerned, but 2 is definitely not the end the world. However, you really need to step up and make sure this was the last one. One bust is common, 2 is less common but still happens. Once you get over 3 it begs questions and raises concerns. Fortunately there’s a pilot shortage at the Regionals so you probably won’t even be asked. The Majors however are a different story and they want to know you’re capable of completing training and won’t be a problem in the future.

Being discouraged doesn’t help. You need to work harder than you’ve been and when you think you’re ready, study some more. This isn’t T-ball and not everyone gets a trophy. The fact you passed the second time clearly means your capable. You just need to get it right the first time.


I appreciate you sir.