My Student Schedule! 2/14-2/20

Continuing with posting my student schedule. WITH MORE DETAIL!

This one is a bit unusual but it will give you a see into an unusual week at ATP. This week my instructor was out for most of it, so other instructors were picking up my hours. Most days the instructors didn’t have enough time for me so my schedule is a bit wild, and I didn’t fly many hours.

Keep in mind all “hours logged” is real ASEL time. Sim time is not counted in that. I’ve also included the time I spent on ground study, so you can see a study schedule example.

2/14 M: 0.0 hrs logged
6am- out of bed
7:30- checking my schedule, checking weather
8:30- arrived
8:45- sim session working on partial panel, and emergency procedures
11- left the training center
3pm- home study
8- done
10pm- lights out

T: 0.0 hrs logged
9am- out of bed
1pm- checking my schedule, checking weather
2pm- ground class at the training center
4pm- ground class concluded, studying at the training center
6pm- sim session, VOR approaches, non published holds, STARS, SIDS
8pm- sim shutdown
8:15pm- left the training center
11:30pm- lights out

W: 2.2 hrs logged
7am- out of bed
11am- IFR XC. One non precision approach, and one precision approach
2pm- tied down, debreifing
2:30pm- left the training center
4pm- home study
7pm- done
11:30pm- lights out

R: 0.0 hrs logged
9am- out of bed
12pm- home study
4pm- done
4:30pm- sim session, partial panel, system failures
8:30pm- sim shutdown
8:45pm- left the training center
9:30pm- lights out

F: 2.1 hrs logged
5am- out of bed
5:45am- checking my schedule, checking weather, filing flight plan
7am- IFR XC, 2 precision approaches
10am- tied down and debriefing
10:30am- left the training center
missed studying tonight
12:30am- lights out

Sa: 0.0 hrs logged
8am- out of bed
9:30am- sim session
3pm- sim shutdown
5pm- home study
8pm- done
10pm- lights out

Su: 0.0 hrs logged
5am- out of bed
7am- sim session, checkride scenarios
12pm- sim shutdown
3pm- home study
9pm- lights out



Thank yo for posting your schedule, I am really enjoying seeing the insight into the program schedule as it is now.

For those who might be wondering, actually flying is one of the things that you will spend the least amount of time doing in the program. I know everybody wants to fly, but the real emphasis is on learning the material, that means ground instruction and studying. The airplane is not the place to learn a concept, on the ground is. The simulator also plays a huge role in pilot training. It is far more forgiving than the airplane and is a much better place to learn basic concepts.


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