My Student Schedule 2/21 - 2/27

This week’s schedule got some more flying in. We still had a lot of bad wx, with low IFR.

Again, all “hrs logged” is actual ASEL time, no sim time is shown. Also, while I did do a lot of studying at home, I didn’t do a very good job this week of keeping track of the exact times so all that’s posted is my time spent flying, and at the training center.

M 2/21: 0.0 hrs logged
0630- arrived
0700- A LOT of sim. Went over about everything we could for the instrument rating. All types of approaches and situations.
0900- group ground over systems and ate my sack lunch
1100- back in the sim continuing checkride prep, and at this point we’re focusing on emergency and abnormal procedures.
1700- sim shutdown
1715- Done for today, and so was another student and we sat and talked for awhile.
1800- left

T: 0.0 hrs logged
CANCELLED- I was supposed to fly early that morning but the weather was 300’ OVC. We tried to use the sim but it was already completely booked.

W: 3.0 hrs logged
0900- arrived, supposed to fly at 0930 but the ceiling was still below 1000’
1000- updated METAR and wx was 1000’ OVC and 3SM, but we flew anyway. This was my instrument stage check, and it was done in SOLID IMC. I logged 2.8 of actual, and passed my evaluation.
1300- tied down, debriefing
1315- my primary instructor showed up and had no idea we flew! We were supposed to sim right away but he gave me a generous hour lunch break cause that flight was very fatiguing.
1430- sim session. Fairly simple procedures, course reversal, LNAV approach.
1700- sim shutdown
1715- left

R: 0.0 hrs logged
OFF- At this point I’m 6 days ahead in the program, I spent the entire day on ground study.

F: 0.0 hrs logged
1000- sim session, checkride prep style procedures
1400- sim shutdown
1415- left

Sa: 0.0 hrs logged

Su: 0.0 hrs logged

After completing those extra sim sessions, I am 9 days ahead in the program, and my instructor said I could easily afford the weekend off. We hit the sims so hard right now because I’m getting close to checkride. The idea being that once sims are complete, I will do flights only until checkride which will help me stay proficient.

As you can see, sometimes you don’t fly all that much. IFR training is very procedure based, and the simulator is perfect for that and affords unlimited retries on anything you need. If your concerned about how rigorous the schedule is, yeah some days it’s really long. Staying ahead, and doing good work throughout your training, and there will be a day or two so you can breathe.

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Great advice!


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Thank you for the schedule update. You are absolutely right, the real IFR learning is done in the sim, the airplane is more where you execute what you learned. Thank you for the insights.



Thank you for the detailed scheduled, like you mentioned IFR training is very sim productive. We allocate a lot of time in the simulator because it’s easier to pause and restart something than in the plane…If you’ve found a way to put the plane in reverse and we can start over an instrument approach, sign me up (LOL)!

How are you enjoying the Elevate Zooms? I have heard nothing but positive feedback from students at my training center enjoying them.



I opted out of the Elevate classes online. My training center regularly has classroom ground that most of us attend. It’s the same as Elevate, just in person.



That’s nice to hear, I have sat in on some of the Elevate classes and enjoyed what I’ve sit in on.


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