Nashville or New Albany Indiana Location

Hey guys, starting soon and just torn between these two locations. Have any of you all attended either of these? Pros? Cons? Both locations are about 4 hours from my current residence so I will of course be staying in the student housing. Thanks!


Hopefully someone with experience at either will chime in but until then know that ATP works very hard to standardize all their locations. This is to ensure students get the same level of instruction, access to equipment and student/pilot ratio throughout the school network regardless of which location you choose.


From the locations I’ve flown in they for crew and otherwise they have all seemed similar for the most part. Minus like the fact some locations don’t have like a weekly ground schedule others may have.

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That’s what I was thinking, regardless of location, I know ATP is professional and I will reach my goals at any of their facilities.


I would just pick the one that is closest and most convenient for you and not give it much else thought.


Thanks Chris, I agree with you.

Hi Wyatt,

I attend the LOU location. It’s a great location. The instructor staff is top notch; they all truly care about the quality of instruction and getting students prepared for check rides.
The school is on an uncontrolled airport (KJVY) which makes it easier to get up and fly, and the airspace is simple. Both factors offer more flying for your money, in my opinion.
I’d suggest making appointments and check out both potential schools to see which one is the best fit.

Good luck!

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