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Need More Information Before Committing

flying with an airline is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. Flying in general has always fascinated me and I want to start pursuing that. However I do need more help figuring out how to start and if it’s something I can commit to. I’ve read all I can read on the website, read many Q&A’s, and finally made an account to ask more questions, but I would like to talk to someone in person and explore a location nearest me to see if flight school can work with my certain situation. I would also just like to get more information on how the payment process works and what those months in school are going to be like so if I need to, I can make arrangements. My main question being, is that something I can do? Can I sit down with someone and talk to them as well as touring the whole location? It will definitely be a few months before I start if I decide to, but I would like to do some more research. I would prefer to talk to someone one on one who has experienced it to also see if they’d recommend it for me.

Thank you, Madi

Welcome to the forum Madi!
Yes you can absolutely set up a tour at your nearest ATP location. You’ll meet with the lead instructor and the training support specialist. They will have a few brochures for you and a getting started packet. They will also be available to talk through any questions you have. After that, you can take a tour to see the facilities including study rooms, testing centers and sims. You can also see the types of airplanes you’ll do your training in as well as going up for a 1 hr intro flight. Just call the admin number on ATP’s website to schedule your tour and intro flight at the location nearest to you.

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In addition to just doing the tour (which is of course free), I would recommend that you schedule an Introductory Flight. It really is the best, and only, way to get a feel for what it is like to fly an airplane.

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