New Guy Here

So, I’ve been posed a question that ive pondered about on and off since i was a lad in school, so basically what it wanted to inquire about is “What is the surefire method of earning a commercial pilot license”, The pros of being a pilot along with the cons "say for instance health programs, Roth Ira’s etc.

I’ve always been fascinated by the art of Flight and i feel like i think this would be a great way to inquire about the subject.
Feel free to expound in any way possible if i might have missed the mark in regard to the necessities of pilot training, life and affordibility.


Your question is incredibly broad and vague. You’d be far better served spending some time browsing this forum as many of your answers can surely be found here.

Feel free to return with more specific questions.


Thank you for the response, Adam
Despite the vagueness i figured it would not have been such a difficult topic to discuss.
My main point was what exacty would be need to embark on the mission of becoming a pilot, or better yet your own personal experience of what it was like start ing out on your journey.
Thank so much and g_d bless.

It’s not, that’s why we have volumes of information on the subject.
How to Become a Pilot – Steps, Cost, & Eligibility / ATP Flight School



Start at the FAQ section here and browse the forums. There is a TON of information on getting started, first steps, financing, training timeline etc. You can check out our the mentors schedules to see what you could expect at various airlines and seniorities. You can also read each of our biographies to learn about our journeys becoming airline pilots. To hear from current students in the program, go to the student experiences section.



There so is much valuable information throughout this forum, years of threads, with experiences, pros/cons, schedules, health questions, etc. I recommend like the others to check out not just the FAQ, but recent posts using the “more” feature when on the main page here.

I think your first step is to browse and take an Introductory Flight (since you don’t mention of any flight experience). You should check out your local airport for a flight school (and include ATP in your search) and take an Introductory Flight and few lessons. The only way to know if this is for you, is by actually getting behind the yoke and trying.