Hello everyone

I am a student pilot just startingv& want to know more about aviation.

How do I apply I’m trying to start the school training

Both of you,

I recommend checking spending quality time on ATP’s website and on the forum here, there are tons of resources and information already out there. To make life easy, I am linking another thread from a few days back of an individual inquiring about the steps and process to becoming a pilot. I strongly recommend going to your nearest flight school and completing an introductory flight or two to see if flying is something you can see yourself doing.



I gotta command all you pilot mentors on here for your patience. Seems like every day there’s a new thread just like this, in broken english, asking the same exact question as the thread from the day before and the day before, while giving not a slightest bit of information about themselves, as if you guys are supposed to automatically know all of that.

I bet most of these kinds of posts are bots, not real people. Unless its literally their first day on the internet, no normal person would get on a forum and start asking questions without reading the stickied posts, scrolling thru a few sections and reading the recent threads, etc.

Maybe being a car guy and existing during the wonderful bygone era of local and worldwide car forums, noobs would damn near get ostracized off the internet for asking a question that’s answered in a sticky or in the first few hits on the forum search, yet keeps getting asked over and over.



I’ve been a mentor now for over a year and half, I can almost type all my responses to these type of questions with my eyes closed, I just have to feel the keyboard for the indent of the F and J for hand placement. :wink:


My first suggestion is maybe get a sandwich or a bowl of soup. THEN check out some of the links Brady provided :wink: