New Program?

I check in on the ATP website every couple of weeks and I saw something today I swear wasn’t there the last time I looked. They now have three options rather than two. There’s the zero time program, credit for private, and a new “credit for solo” option. It’s listed as 8 months long with a requirement of 43 hours TT, 10 hours solo, and 8 hours cross country PIC. Did I just miss this somehow or is it a new offering?

It seems like it might be a reasonable option for applicants who are close to or already have their PPL but are under the 78 hours required to get credit for it. It’s something I’ll probably look into this summer as I get close to finishing my PPL. I’m definitely getting to the point of being ready to leave the fire department and go full-time on flight training.

Good catch Jeffrey,

Kinda cool…



yes, that is a new program. I will say though that if you are close to finishing your PPL at a local school, and I mean actually close, then I would consider sticking with them for continuity sake. ATP does offer time building for those who do not yet have 78 hours, you just start a bit early and fly out the time you need at a reduced rate. I did this when I was a bit short on time, it is a great way to get introduced to the ATP way of doing things.



Thanks for the insight.

I just started training last week. Weather permitting, I’ll have about 6 hours total by the end of next week. I’m going to be able to train 3-5x/week at my part 61 school so I should make quick progress. I also have the option to rent a plane from them at around $175/hr wet to build time. I’ll keep an eye on things with ATP as I progress through my PPL training and see what makes the most sense when the time comes. I’m shooting for an October-November start date with ATP. I also plan on connecting with ATP admissions in the next couple of weeks as they had previously told me to go get my PPL and reapply.


That sounds like a very good idea. Keep admissions in the loop, especially when you hit large milestones like soloing.



The “Credit for Solo” is definitely new, it’s another good alternate for those that have some hours under their belt that don’t necessarily need to start over. I’ll be curious how the entry goes for those that enter is, or the data, must be a lot of inquiries with those that have already soloed.

Your plan seems good; however, don’t get discouraged if weather, instructor availability or plane maintenance holds you back at times. While it may be better to get the PPL outside of ATP, it could prolong your date above that you have projected if some unforeseen event happens. Please keep us in the loop on how things go, and as Chris mentioned, keep Admissions updated as you progress, maybe you can get something in sooner. :slight_smile:



Thanks, I’ll definitely keep you all updated. For now I’m just going to keep doing my part and stay dedicated and optimistic with my training, and I’m not going to lock myself into any one plan, but be ready to take whichever opportunity ATP offers me.


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