Slight Change in ATP's Course Offerings

ATP has recently announced some changes to the Airline Career Pilot Program that I think are worth mentioning. They are:

  1. The 40 hour multi program is now the 50 hour multi program, the cost has remained the same. This is great as it gives ten more hours of multi engine time, which allows for better check ride preparation and builds a better resume for the regional airlines.

  2. As part of restructuring the now 50 hour program, students will no longer take the Private Multi Engine check ride. This is a welcomed change as it is one less total check ride for the program, which translates into one less possible check ride failure, one less examiner’s fee and one less opportunity for delays.

  3. The 100 hour multi program will be offered only to those that are already entering the program with their Private Pilot License and will only be offered at the LZU, GKY, CRG, and IWA locations.

These changes were made to reflect the dynamic and changing environment that is pilot training and to best meet the student’s needs, while also striving to keep tuition as low as possible.


So just to clarify does that mean the program will go like this :



The program will go as follows:

  1. Private
  2. Instrument
  3. Commercial Multi
  4. Commercial Single
  5. CFI-MEI
  6. CFI-Single
  7. CFI-Instrument

There might be some slight variances, but that is the general order.

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Just to clarify as a future student. This sounds AWESOME! One less check ride and examiner fee plus 10 more hours in the multi for student and instructors. Sounds like a win win win win situation.

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Something also to note… There is a $4,000 price increase to the program compared to where it use to be before the changes were made. It went to $69,995, up from $65,995.

Chris may know better than I do but I believe their price increases was actuall 6-8 months ago and did not correspond with this programming change


The price increase was a little more recent than that, but was scheduled before this change was decided upon.