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ATP Admissions Flight

Hello everyone,

I am getting ready to schedule my admissions flight in about a week and im currently a brand new pilot with zero time. I meet the requirements with my military service but i have not done ground school or anything and i wanted to know if that’s going to impact my chances of being admitted into ATP sense i have never personally done any flying myself. Also i watched the modules and i am assuming its just a facility tour, pre-flight briefing and some time at the controls. If there are any tips anyone has to increase my chances of being accepted i would most appreciate it.

Patrick H.


You need absolutely zero experience for your admissions flight. It’s not a test and it’s not something to stress over. It’s simply an opportunity for you to meet ATP and ATP to meet you. Many people believe they want to fly but have never been in a small plane. For most its all they thought and more but others freak. Not much sense in going through the financing, medical etc. after that. It’s also just to make sure you’re trainable. During the flight your instructor will give you some simple instructions. If they say turn left and your puzzled that’s a problem. If they say pull back gently and you try and stand the plane on its tail that too could be an issue. If that all sounds doable then as I said relax and enjoy the ride. If it sounds overwhelming then again you could have an issue.


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Thanks for the advice adam! I have been an aviation maintenance technition for about 5 years so being in and around all types of aircraft has never been a problem me. I just wasnt sure if my lack of flight time or the fact that I havent done any ground schools or testing put me at a disadvantage against other applicants.

The program ATP offers is basically meant for people with no experience, or a PPL, so you are definitely not behind :slight_smile: which location are you taking the flight at?


I am up in seattle so the closest ATP training site that I could get one at is gig harbour, WA.

Oh nice! I’m at the PAE location so also Washington.

Nice I used to work for boeing up there before I moved down to 737s in renton. How are you liking ATP so far? Did you start out at zero time or already have your PPL?

I did the zero time program, but actually started with like 35 hours. Had to stop flying originally cuz it got too hard to focus on college and flying, and personally I’m glad I did. ATP has been great so far. Instructors at both locations are pretty cool and super friendly.

Cool! How is the gig harbour training site?

The facility isn’t like the largest thing ever, but it’s not that small. I’ve only been down there a handful of times. Actually have to go on Tuesday for my instrument checkride

I see, I’ll be down there for the first time next week to see the facility myself. I’m just glad to get this opportunity. We probably wont see such a huge demand for pilots like this ever agian so I’m taking the chance now while im still not that old.

Ya who knows when the pilot shortage will end, unlikely it’s any time soon.

But I did want to ask, how was the first time landing the plane yourself?

It’s honestly not that bad. The hardest part to get down is rudder control probably. Because I came to ATP with nearly 40 hours, I do feel like I picked up a lot of the flying up to a certain point, pretty fast. I had gotten through solo stage with my flight school 4 yrs prior to joining ATP.

Yah I’m not scared of the idea of landing a plane or anything I just worry about hitting the ground too hard abd breaking something :joy:

Oh you shouldn’t be that worried. I’m sure most people have hit the ground plenty hard before. Hell, on my second flight I smacked the ground so hard I started porpoising/bouncing down the runway before the instructor initiated a go around. Granted the reason that happened was cuz I hit the nose wheel on the ground before the two main wheels.

I don’t know, the above sounds pretty bad… :wink:


Lmao, you got me there, what I mean is that you’d have to slam down pretty hard to break something, plus that’s why we practice and train, so that even your worst landings won’t be that bad, and if they are going to be not great we go around :slight_smile:

Yah I’m just ready to finally get started flying already.

Once you start you won’t wanna stop :stuck_out_tongue: it’s a lot of hard work but well worth it.