New to ATP and Figuring out some questions!

Hello, I’m currently a senior in college, and after graduating planning on coming to ATP flight school. First question- When do I need to start applying for financing, I’m still a year out from graduating but want to get started soon as possible after graduating. and how difficult it is to get all the writing done before I start.

Thank you


Six months prior seems to be about the earliest most people begin the process. That gives you plenty of time to secure a location and start date, get your medical and your Admission flight and complete some if not all the written exams.

How difficult it is really depends on you. How quickly you absorb the information and how much time you have to dedicate to study. If you started 6mos prior that gives you a month for each exam which should be plenty.



Your loan approval will be good for a year, so anytime you are within the window it is good to go ahead and apply. Call the admissions department and ask about applying as they are the experts on that.

Twelve months should be plenty of time to work on the written exams, just make sure your college scores do not suffer as a result.