New to Aviation

Hey everyone,

I am fairly new to the aviation community and want to jump into the world of aviation to one day earn my commercial pilot’s license. The thing is, i have no idea where to start and need all the advice i can get. Furthermore, I live remote in Kodiak Alaska so it is a bit more difficult to obtain resources but have some people I am trying to get in touch with to help in get the ball rolling on this. Any input, feedback or assistance is greatly appreciated, and I cannot wait to begin my aviation journey.

Thanks all!


The first step is taking an intro flight or lesson. This will give you the opportunity to experience flying from a pilot’s perspective. While many people believe they want to fly, sitting up front with your hands on the controls is a very different experience. Some enjoy it, others don’t.

After that it simply becomes a matter of choosing a flight school.


Thanks so much for your input and help!

I would love to get that started sooner rather than later and am trying now to coordinate with my college the fastest route to take in order to get there.

Again. Thank you very much for your input!


Welcome to the forum, as Adam mentioned, you should look into an introductory flight and/or take a few lessons at a local school. Flying isn’t like traveling in the back of a Dreamliner going across the pond on vacation. I would assume there are a few flight schools in Alaska, I have never been there, but by doing a Google Search I was able to find some on Google Maps. Everyone feels flying in some way, some see it for relaxing, some may find it challenging, but with what comes with every single flight, comes reward. No single flight will be the same every time as there are always external conditions changing that we as pilots cannot control.


Thank you for your time! I have been looking into different avenues of approach to go with for making my dream a reality and currently I have one of my friends assisting me in getting an introductory flight here soon. Very excited to see where this journey takes me, again thanks for your time !


Are you looking to become an airline pilot or paid to fly for various jobs up in Alaska? One route I’d recommend the ATP accelerated training style. The other, you could do at a local school one rating at a time because it’s less ratings you’ll need overall.

Regardless, you’ll want to do an intro flight to make sure it’s worth all the time and money! Then you can make a game plan.


Thanks Hannah!

Currently, my end goal is to be a commercial airline pilot. There are many opportunities for other routes, however going into commercial flying has always been the main goal for me

Alaska is a different pilot world being a bush i heard can be tricky