October 17th, 2022, Fort Myers location

Can happily and finally say, I’ll be attending ATP, beginning October 17th at the Fort Myers location. Extremely thankful for the opportunity and ready to take on this journey. I’ve already started working on my writtens, almost ready to take the private written and then jump straight into the IRA. Definitely think I can have the Private, IRA, and The FII all done by the time I start. Hopefully more.

If there’s any advice y’all could give me, I’m all ears.

Also, reading over things I need, do the students use the view limiting device, also known as Ifr Training blinders, if so which one is recommended?

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The advice I always give is to relax and enjoy your family and friends. It’s great you’re banging out some writtens (and def should) but aside from that I would really do anything and everything BUT prepare. You’re about to dive headfirst into some very deep water and you really won’t be coming up for air for a while. You may very well end up ghosting those close to you. Hopefully they’re all supportive and understanding but it’s going to be tough (although well worth it). Until then just do what you like while you can.

As for the limiting devices that’s personal preference and Id wait and try what others are using then buy what you like. For the record I’m a Foggles guy (cue Chris to wax poetic about the hood in 3…2…)


Thank you for the advice. It’s definitely a lot of work in a short period of time, but definitely worth it.

I will wait till closer to instrument time, and then decide about the Blinders. Thank you!


Congrats on getting your start date set up, like Adam said take the time to relax and enjoy it with family and friends. I would finish the PAR written before your start date as I’ve seen a huge difference in students being more prepared day 1 having complete the first written. There is just something about the pace of program and how you can focus on learning the flying aspects and knowledge than trying to study for a written and do all that. If you can bang out the IRA/FII and maybe the CAX in the time, great! Even a better headstart.

For a hood, if you wear glasses, I have seen some enjoy the Feather IFR Training Hood, I used a cheap pair which came with my original Sporty’s Cessna training kit when I did my private.


Thank you Brady.
I don’t wear glasses, I will just decide on them closer to time.


I have had the please of visiting the FMY location, it is top notch.

Yes, I prefer the hood over the foggles. I always just found the foggles to be clunky and not stay on my face well. If you wear glasses, the foggles are almost impossible. Also, there is some requirement for instrument training during your PPL phase, so you will need them relatively soon after starting.


Thank you for letting me know that Chris. I’ll be asking around other students what they prefer and do my own research to see what I think I would like better.