Officially a CFI

Officially a flight instructor. I passed the oral last Sunday, but due to weather I had to discontinue the flight. I waited an entire week to finally get it done. I can’t believe I made it this far. I’m not going to lie, there was a point early on in CFI academy where I felt overwhelmed and didn’t feel like I could do it. But I stuck with it and I couldn’t be happier. On to CFII training!


Major Congrats Andy!

I always say it, the CFI initial is a bear! That feeling of being overwhelmed and pushing threw, remember that because I promise you when you get to the airlines it’ll show up again. Except then you’ll know you simply need to put your head down and do the work! That’s one of the greatest benefits of the program. It prepares you for what’s next.



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That is great news, congratulations!!! I personally think that is the hardest check ride to pass, and certainly one of the more stressful. Congrats again, you will be finished before you know it.

Thank you for the update and picture.


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Congratulations on the CFI ticket! The feeling of overwhelming is something that will pay off in the long run and you’ve accomplished the checkride.

Did you know, at the end of December 2021 there were around 6,200 applicants that passed the CFI initial checkride in 2021? This data is public and came from the FAA’s spreadsheet which contains tables of intriguing data. You’re now a part of the thousands that have acquired their certificate this year, welcome to the CFI family.


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Congrats, Andy!

From what I remember, every person I know that went through ATP’s CFI school felt the same as you haha I know I did!

Good for you for buckling down and getting yourself across the finish line!


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Congratulations Andy!!

Getting through CFI school and getting that endorsement is the first major hurdle that not many pilots accomplish. Then to achieve your CFI rating on the first attempt, a second major accomplishment. Great job pushing through.

Like Adam said, you will feel that overwhelming stress many times in your career. Initial 121 training will feel like that and it’s not as far off as you think. Good luck in the CFII phase. You’re nearing the finish line. Finish strong!


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