Old felony

I have recently been thinking of pursuing a pilot career and was curious about old felony charges…i got a felony for selling Marijuana almost 10 years ago. Would that affect my chances of becoming a pilot

Thank you

More info is that i am 30 and a freshman in college

All the mentors here are simply pilots. We can’t tell you for sure if it will effect you or not. The best place to go is direct to the airline pilot recruiters. They will be the one reviewing your future application.
We can say, generally the more time between you and the felony, the better off you’ll be (as long as you’ve been squeaky clean since). You absolutely need to finish that bachelors degree. That will help boost your application.

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Yes, this could have a significant impact on your career as a pilot. The airlines take a very dim view of criminal infractions, especially those involving drugs or alcohol. Your first step is to try and obtain an FAA First Class Medical, I would expect the FAA to have several questions about your past. You should also contact the recruiting departments and ask them directly.

I do think you will have an uphill battle here.

Thank you guys for the insight

Talking to an Aviation Attorney might give you more insight into the process / likely outcome before diving into the AMEs office and asking for a medical.

The Attorney and maybe the AME, can confirm this, but if you are deferred to the FAA to investigate giving you a medical, they will likely send you a letter asking for all court records, background check records, driving records, rehabilitation records, etc, and you will have 60 days to get that information to them.

Canada might also be an issue (most airlines require you allowed to go there, and felonies are a disqualifier for Canadian entry).

I suspect delays, high $ costs, and an uphill battle.
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