Another criminal record question

Hello all & thank you for your time,
I know there are a good number of posts on this subject and I’m sorry to be posting another one, but I couldn’t find one close enough to my personal circumstances.
When I was 18 years old, I was young and dumb and in love, and I did take two drug-related misdemeanor charges for my former fiancée at the time - marijuana less than 20 grams & equipment. On my own, I did get two speeding tickets and a driving while license was suspended. I have not had an issue with the law past the age of 19, and I fully intend to keep it that way. I had no idea at the time that my passion was with aviation and if I had, and known what an impact it might make, I surely wouldn’t have made those mistakes. I am 20 years old now and still need to get through my bachelors, and then flight school ideally, but I just need to know if I have a chance before I pick a degree to aid me in getting a career in aviation. If I keep my record clean, and do well on my checkrides, is there a possibility of getting into the Majors?


If you’ve read the responses as you said you know we always say you need to put some time. One year isn’t time. Not even close. Regardless this is no chart or menu that says “if you have abc you’re OK but not this xyz”.

Fact is you’ll never know for certain unless you try. You ask is there a possibility? Sure but there also are no guarantees. Actions have consequences but we seldom know how far reaching the effects will be till much later. What I can tell you is if you continue this behavior your chances will be zero.



I would recommend that you contact the recruiting departments of several regional airlines and ask them this question directly. You could very well have issues with legally entering Canada, which would make you unhireable by an airline. I also think that the majors would take a dim view of your record and maybe even the regionals, it is best to call them and ask.