One Month

I will be starting in February instead of January now because I just got my loan stuff back and approved. Went to reserve my date at the Charlotte location and they said it was booked for January. Is one month really going to make a difference? I know it sounds like a dumb question but was just wondering. Con, was wanting to start in January to get going. Pro, gives me more time to study and take my test and work on my weight situation.


A month is a month and I’m sure you’ll be fine. As you said, it’ll give you more time to prepare and hopefully bang out some (or all) of the writtens.



I really wouldn’t worry one bit about this Thirty days is not going to make or break a career.


Makes no difference in my opinion. It sounds like Charlotte is at full
capacity. If you started now you’d probably get put on the back burner
anyway. Starting February will allow your CFI to give you the attention you


Wait… when you say full capacity, what does that mean? Is there a waiting list if there are too many students?


Yes. That’s what I mean. Admissions analyzes the current and projected
student:instructor ratio, then schedules start dates accordingly. This
prevents instructors from being overloaded with too many students. It is
important for Admissions to maintain the proper student:instructor ratio
(3:1) to ensure that each student progresses through the program at the
right pace.



I hope to start at the Charlotte location some time next year. Keep us updated on how things are going. Good luck!!

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