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Online Ground Schools

Hi everyone!

Would it behoove me to take online ground school and written test prep before attending ATP? I know it will make course load more manageable to get writtens out of the way first like so many have mentioned.
I just didn’t know if it would be useful or redundant to take an Online Ground School if GS is already provided through ATP? Would having it done before hand give me more time to fly?


As I understand it, the program only offers a set amount of flight time. The cost of online ground school is so minimal when compared to the whole program, I’d recommend completing it before starting with ATP (if you have the time). That’s what I did, since I won’t be starting flight school until January (trying to finish college). However, I would not recommend delaying your class date to complete ground school beforehand.



If you have extra time before your start date, it certainly could only help to take a ground school and written prep course. However, there is no need to do this and I certainly would not delay a start date in order to do so. Either way, you will still need to complete ATP’s ground school.



Thats about the time I am looking at going too, trying to get it all figured out lol


Thank you, that is exactly what I was looking for!


With that amount of time, I would focus on your private pilot written exam. You can use Sporty’s Study Buddy service complete free to help prepare for the private written.

Then, if you have extra time, you could work on others.


Have you set your start date officially with ATP? If so, your box of intro materials should be on the way along with access to King Schools private ground school. It will go through section by section private ground knowledge with quiz questions. By the time you get through that material there are practice tests to test your readiness for the PAR. (Much of your ground school will be based on king schools through atp.) You should get started on that asap. It will set you up well to have that done prior to starting, along with the PAR written. Sportys or ASA private pilot test prep apps can be secondary to help take practice exams.