Ground School before ATP?

Hello! I am hoping to apply for my loan sometime in the next few months to start next summer. Before I get that done, should I consider going through ground school before applying? I have done GS through my high school JROTC class but never took the written exams. Would it be a good idea or would it just dig me in a deeper financial hole? I know the FAA medical exam is required before applying, just unsure about ground school. Thanks!


There is no ground school required nor is it necessary. What we do recommend is that you complete a many of the FAA written exams as you can. While it’s not required, it will lessen the workload.



I would not recommend going through any formal ground school prior to starting at ATP, it just simply is not necessary as ATP will provide all of that education to you. What you could, and should, do is work on getting your written exams completed: Get Ahead By Taking FAA Knowledge Tests Before Starting ATP / ATP Flight School



As Adam and Chris stated, ground school is not needed prior to ATP. ATP will give you everything you need from videos to sections in the airplane flying handbook and more. Highly, highly recommend getting the written exams completed (they’re only good for 2 years - making sure to have a start date is important in this case). I took my written exams before starting ATP and I can see the difference in those that did not get ahead to those that did. It will lessen the workload while attending ATP!


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