How should I prep for my ATP start date?

Hello, I am enrolling at ATP at the end of this summer, and I want to start getting prepared now and taking a shower many of the written exams as possible. Can anyone direct me to another forum where this may have been answered, or if they have any suggestions on reading/ prep materials.


Take a look here:


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Not sure how I missed that on the site, thanks!


Taking the written early is one of the best things that you can do for yourself in regards to the program. I am glad that you are planning to do this.


Are you starting from zero time?


Finish the King’s School private pilot ground school and test prep. There would be a lot of things that won’t make sense but as you go through the program it would eventually click.

Definitely get the written exams out of the way. It takes away a lot of workload and it allowed me to focus on materials I need to study for the flight the following day.

Read through the Airplane flying handbook Chapter 3 and 5 to start with.

Read through the PHAK Chapter 3, 5 and 8.

I’ve already started reading PHAK, I’ll check out king schools! Thanks!

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